Saturday 3 February 2018

Doing the right thing

"Time heals all wounds"

Part 2, Chapter 16 (page 161)

Doing the right thing.

Psychological wounds do not heal with time.  Rather they fall into the depth of the person’s psyche and can become the foundation for other wounds to build upon. The person becomes unhappy, sick, depressed, etc.  Psycho-therapy can set this monster free, but conscious effort is needed.
Here the genie has escaped out of the bottle and has risen above the house.  It has broken its bandages that kept it in place for such a long time, the safety pin now dangles uselessly at the end of the bandage and one piece has completely broken off.  Time is collapsing, realizing that the healing of the wound had only been postponed.    
Before time can heal the wound, the patient has to understand its origins.  Once this is done, the wound deflates and can heal.  The patient in whose mind the wound had grown, will be a changed person, liberated by the unhappy unconscious pulsations that did run through his psyche all these years.