Saturday 12 September 2015

Chapter 1, 9

"Love does not exist"
The List
 Part 1 Chapter 9
The crescent of the moon, silvery and sparkling, has sunk onto the earth among flowers and grass. The sickle has become the extension of man’s anger. The sickle cuts off the flowers of love, since this man says “Love does not exist.”  Does he really believe it or has he other reasons to say so? His opinion doesn’t change the fact that everything on this earth and in this universe is an expression of love.

Although convinced that love does not exist, he doesn’t destroy the roots of the flowers of love. They sparkle in great intensity. Therefore the flowers of love will grow again and maybe by then he will appreciate their existence.
Another Review by Danielle B. :
I just finished reading your amazing book (I started it yesterday). I was seriously hooked from your first two words:  Making love. Wow, what a start to a book that is inspirational, mesmerizing, troubling, raw, mystical, fascinating, insightful, hopeful, sad, deeply personal: there are not enough words to say how I was touched by you. I enjoy a book sometimes for the writing, sometimes for the story, lucky if I have both in the same book. I had both in abundance with yours (the writing is wonderful as well as the story); however, the added bonus of the art is just marvelous. In each chapter I kept going back to the art several times: it added dimension, joy and depth to each. ..."