Thursday, 21 December 2017

Monday, 4 December 2017

The Box

"I see Father wash himself.”

Part 2, Chapter 9, page 142
“The Box” 

Here my heroin Maya is 13 years old. But she looks much older. To see her expression, makes me feel very, very sad. Maya watches her father’s nudity while in the morning he stands at the wash stand and washes himself. A bird is painted on the water jug. Birds are a phallic symbol in German.  

It is interesting to see what is happening on the floor: A pair of slippers neatly put away under the night table next to a teddy bear. On the carpet is lying an insect with 6 wings. The two arrows on the right and left side seem wanting to squeeze the insect into oblivion. However, the insect is not killed so easily. It is an archetype that has been existing in our minds for time immemorial. It is one of the creatures that has survived earth’s upheavals, like earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, droughts, etc. I see spider legs coming out from underneath her father’s pillow! The design of the bedspread is not inviting either. The whole image is creepy and unpleasant. 

In this context I am referring to an excerpt of one of my therapy poems “The tomb of the Black Butterfly.”

 “ ... never a father and daughter should ever come so near,
Ever share the same bedroom,
Breathe in the same sheets.
Receive the same messages in their dreams. “       

We can throw away the carpet, change the sheets, have separate beds and sleep in separate bedrooms. But to become conscious of sexual abuse that went on in this bedroom, understand it, digest it, heal it, takes a whole lifetime. It is a challenge to extract from this situation wisdom, forgiveness and eventually love.


Monday, 2 October 2017

The Chalet

"On Saturdays we took our bath."

Part 2, Chapter 5 of Insectual

The Chalet (page 130)

This is a sketch that I love.  Mother has reunited her three children in the aluminium wash tub. This is her expression of duty and love.  She could not embrace her children and give all three of them a hug or have them cuddle up on her, at the same time.  In my German childhood these feelings were not expressed.  But mother was orderly and tidy and everything functioned according to the clock.  The clothes are thrown on one chair; this was much against her discipline.  We had to fold our clothes in the evening.  The tub is overflowing with water.  In this chalet there was no running water and the water then was thrown out  the window.  I am showing you the original Bavarian chalet where I grew up:

Saturday, 26 August 2017

New 5 star review on

"Journey on a Lilipad, (c) 1990"

 5 star review This is a powerful book...I absolutely enjoyed every chapter :-), July 29, 2017

INSECTUAL: The Secret of the Black Butterfly (Kindle Edition)
This is a powerful book. It recounts the journey of young girl....all the way through to her adult life. The problems she is now facing in her present marriage and how these troubles are rooted deep in her past. Through the advice of her husband Lorenzo she is now seeing a therapist and their sessions are nothing short of fascinating. The ways in which the therapist uncovers the truth....her confessions...her falling in love with the therapist and her learning to let go and find a new beginning are all truly inspiring. Not to be forgotten is her unusual obsession with insects and the pleasure she feels while in their presence...more pleasure than being around her husband. This story also shows the danger of physical and emotional abuse and how it can affect ones thinking ability and subsequently their future dealings with others. I absolutely enjoyed every chapter :-) was most intriguing.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


"Bombs hiss and whistle"  
 Part 2, Chapter 4 of Insectual,

War (page 128)

Bombs are flying through the air not yet exploded.  But previous bombs had already created great damage.  The family of six is assembled in front of a cave, although my intention was to put them into the cave. The detonations of the bombs, the fear of the planes, the displacement of people and the fear to be hurt, and to die, takes place and remains traced in our memory, even when all this happens when we are very small children. In the picture, Maya distances herself from her family and runs away with a doll and teddy bear in her arm.
I am a child of war and I thought that war had not touched me, but as the book explains it had. I did ran away, damaged, my imagination buried  -  the doll and the teddy bear -  but finally retrievable through psycho therapy (in my case).
In the beginning of my painting career my colours were very dark. I wanted to paint hate and anger and fear. Then during many years of therapy I erased the darkness in me, I gave myself finally permission to use bright colours . 
Still Life with Chakras (c) B. Sala 1985

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Garden Path

"Do I lead you up the Garden Path?"

Part 2, Chapter 3 of Insectual

Do I lead you up the Garden Path (page 126)

The doctor is carrying many books. The titles are not visible, but might read like “Personal History”, “History of the Ancestors”, “The Relationship Trap”, “Buried Talents” and “Awakening in the 21st Century”.
The hill is steep.  She is picking up the books that the doctor drops to the ground.  The job is arduous, but she is the collector of information.  The more she advances in therapy, the more inner knowledge she is gaining.  In therapy, the mind is an archaeological site and if she persists she might find buried surprises: Pleasurable ones? Not so pleasurable ones?? She cannot allow herself to be afraid.  Beauty, represented by the flowers, is surrounding her.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Walk to school

"Walk to school is long and tiring."
Part 2, Chapter 2 of Insectual
March to School, (page 123)
“Blah”, I thought, “skip it. There is nothing to say about this image.” But my mind did not agree. And off I went on a spiralling journey. What does this path remind me off? A ribbon, a river, intestines, a snake, a thread, an umbilical cord, a link between heaven and earth. The end of a note. I felt music stretch like this path through my nightly home.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Being a Doll

"He has become redundant"
Part 2, chapter 1 of Insectual
Being a Doll 
He lost his home, but an impression is left, see the empty space where his home was standing. She grabbed the home, put it into her lap, as if it was one of her babies. The house was hers now.

Monday, 30 January 2017

''Perhaps I can distract him.''

Part 1, chapter 26 of Insectual

                               Night of Delirium, page 110

He carries a machete. She open her arms wide. She is wearing a kimono. Does she invite him to have sex in order to save her life? We have to imagine what might happen. She transforms herself into a butterfly and now the path away from harm is wide open.  

“Life is like a butterfly. It flies away and makes me cry.”
This is the last chapter of Part 1, “Marriage in Congo.” In future I will add more colourful images. 

Towards a better world.








Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Mandala in the forest, 16 x 20" (41 x 51 cm) (c) Barbara Sala
Horse, rabbits, cat and lion
At the feet of Mother Earth.
Hermit at the riverbank
Shedding light on crystal ball
Dangling from an angel's hand.
Boat of fishermen,
Damaged by a fallen tree,
Now is carried by loving dolphin
Over the water.
Filled with flowers is this forest:
Happy days with health and kindness
Are the wishes for this year.  (B. Sala)