Tuesday 16 August 2016

Amedea, Part 1 Chapter 20

"A desired pregnancy"

Amedea page 92

This is Maya’s second birth. Her pregnancy is desired and she feels happy. Her baby is floating in her womb and her hand seems to reassure the baby that she is there and loves it. Will it be a boy or a girl? Her belly is as round as the earth. One side lies in darkness, the other is bathed in light. Her breasts are full: Is Mother Earth desiring to be fed as well. A Congolese family is looking on. Maya got married to have her own family. She needs this stability in her adventurous and agitated life.

It is night. The moon, symbol of the dream world, stands over the palm tree. It is a waxing crescent and indicates the beginning of a new venture. It is the symbol of fertility and growth. The palm tree is a biblical symbol, as the myth recounts how the tree protected Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem. It is a symbol of inner strength and of rising above conflict. When we hear of palm trees, we people living in the colder regions are visualizing sunny beaches and feel hot sand running between our toes.

Here is a review written by Caroline Tuchscherer: 

We all live lives full of experiences. So much we learn. Yet, because we live in a society where it is best seen to remain "private" a lot of lessons remain untold and lost. I loved reading Barbara Sala`s book. She puts it all out, emotions, experiences, hardships, in details. You read and you actually live Maya`s story (the heroine of the book), realizing that someone here has had the guts to show herself totally naked. Many difficult experiences are described (which depending on the reader`s life some could relate to), but what fascinated me the most was to learn how powerful the mind is. That is, the capacity to hide information in the subconscious in order to survive and stay strong. But then, what is hidden has to come to the surface one day… 

We all need examples of the struggles others go through so we can see how it is possible to grow and emerge. 

This book is a reminder to respect our elders because they have so much to teach. They are like gold mines rich with experiences. Can you believe that Barbara will turn 80 years old in 2017! It is up to us to choose to dig into these mines. 

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