Friday 23 September 2016

Not many babies are travelling, Part 1, Chapter 21

"Not many babies are travelling these days."
Part 1, Chapter 21, page 96

Curiously, the soldiers are inspecting the baby on the tarmac of the Kindu airport. That is history. But in my symbolic world, these soldiers or warriors are saluting the inner child, our creative energy, our inner fountain of love. I am giving to each warrior a name like sorrow, pain, jealousy, envy, vanity, guilt, hate, regrets, righteousness. They are surrounding the baby. They want to be touched by its love in order to be healed, since they are hurting. The warriors are the negative aspects that arise in us and are parts of our psyche that want to be  made whole.

The baby is our source of love. Walking with love in my heart is like swimming in pristine waters or flying on wings of imagination. Being spirit with no physical body. Being absolutely free. 

I have an interesting update on the Congo history of the early 1960s and you can read this fascinating article at


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