Thursday 21 July 2016

Nicholas, Part 1 Chapter 19

"Giving Birth in the Congo"
Part 1 Chapter 19 
Nicholas, Page 90
Maya is giving birth to her first child. Between her legs, out of the dark womb, the head emerges. Our human body is also called the temple of our soul. At the entry of the temple of Luxor in Egypt, the visitor is flanked by two enormous feet. I crowned the mother: she is the birth channel for humanity to enter our physical world. She is surrounded by 5 straw huts. In checking out the symbolic meaning of the number 5, I discovered that this is the number of marriage and stability. Maya married to have some stability in her life. It also means expansion, i.e. breaking through the wall of the square which is number 4 and expand into the surrounding world. 

The child enters the world in a flush of blood. Symbolically, the river carries our memories. If you believe in reincarnation, the child brings into its present incarnation the memories of previous incarnations, whether he/she remembers or not.
"Woman in red socks giving birth." 1994

This black and white sketch inspired me in 1994 to paint “Women in red socks giving birth.” Its size is 24 x 30”, 61 x 76 cm. 
Only recently, this painting was shown in an exhibition at the Musée international d’art naïf de Magog entitled: “Les coups de Coeur de Jeannine”. The woman giving birth is wearing an Egyptian necklace. The red socks are again the pillars of the temple through which the pilgrim has to advance. In the centre of her body I placed the Tree of Life. Hopefully the growing child will use the middle path undulating safely between the two pillars to advance in his/her search for greater consciousness. The dove spreads its wings downwards. The human will receive inspiration from the Divine, for which there is always great hunger. Her third eye is open and lies in the centre of her crown. Her hair resembles the hair of the being of my bookcover Insectual. This time planets swirl around her.

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