Saturday 14 May 2016

Part 1 Chapter 17

Thoughts had to be harnessed like horses.
Part 1 Chapter 17

Fantasies  (page 81)
The inner chatter in our brains is overwhelming and creates part of our suffering. Where does this all come from? The experts say this chatter comes from outside of us. These are the constant repetitions, justifications, explanations of what we have learned, analyzed, experienced, seen, felt and stored in our brain.

There are ways of breaking this flow. We have to expose ourselves to positive  vibrations. When I was younger I recited poetry  and that cooled down my inner tortured world.  But I was never free of the darkness. Today  I use the conscious breath that interrupts the flow of thoughts.

So Maya harnesses her thoughts like horses. With her brain power she now controls her world. In the picture the tree is bending and the flowers are drooping to the ground under her will power.  


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