Thursday 13 December 2018

Happy Holidays!

In the mountains at night,
No light shines bright,
For darkness is the absence of light. 
Suddenly, the door of the house opens wide,
A stream of light floods into the night,
Father stretches his arm out wide and says:
“Come back, my child, step into the light,
Let darkness slip out of your mind,
The stairs are here, the ladder is there,
Temples, pyramids and cathedrals,
All show the road towards the light. 
It is a light of the heart,
If allowed it penetrates the dark,
It is called love, kindness and giving,
It streams from the eyes of humans, nature and beasts,
It stays alive through waves of terror and human plight,
It feels good and makes you dream,
It sparkles in blue, pink, yellow and green
It is a light that darkness cannot diminish. 
But both darkness and light,
Are needed to deepen the experience of life.
Barbara Sala (c) 2018

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