Wednesday 8 March 2017

Being a Doll

"He has become redundant"
Part 2, chapter 1 of Insectual
Being a Doll 
He lost his home, but an impression is left, see the empty space where his home was standing. She grabbed the home, put it into her lap, as if it was one of her babies. The house was hers now.

He moves away, with his belongings stacked on the wheelbarrow. He is only in the early 40s, so a whole new world opens up to him. How little do we know what lies ahead after our divorce and what we can do with this kind of freedom: Raising children, earning money, developing our inner person if we have the wisdom and desire to do so and finding a new love. To me a whole new world of colours and images surfaced released from the pressure of sexual unhappiness. My my children remained my true loves. And now I have five grand-children.
Another painting showing my idea of divorce:
Divorce, (c) B. Sala 85
This was my very first big painting. Acrylic on canvas, size 20 x 24" or 51 x 61 cm. I didn't even know how to sign a painting.  The background seems to be the family, the blue beings are the parents, the three small blue figures are the children. And the two pieces of something floating above all this, I think, is the broken ring.   


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