Saturday 10 December 2016

Part 1, Chapter 25, Hostages in a friendly land


"Show no Fear."
Part 1, Chapter 25
Hostages in a friendly land (page 107 of  250)

You, who do not know the story, in seeing this picture what do you see? Perhaps that Maya is a "being of light" who walks through a row of ghostlike soldiers. She has made herself invisible to the human eye and at the same time she made her enemy invisible as well.
Nobody sees her in this dark and frightening world as she goes towards her car. And she sees nobody as well. Her camper seems like harboring peace and tranquility. If she makes it, she will be together with the most precious beings of her life, her children. That means peace and tranquility.
It is true, when I was in dangerous situations in the Congo, when there was nobody there to help me, I had to rely on my wits and this I did. Only with hindsight I understand that I was protected and guided at these moments. All I had to do was not to have fear. With fear I would lose my strength, I would tremble and I would start to have doubts about my decisions. But the strength or conviction for my survival in dangerous situations was a powerful driving force. I had to go ahead.



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