Saturday 19 March 2016

Part 1 Chapter 15. Honeymoon in Germany and Italy

"The Church Bell"
Honeymoon in Germany and Italy
Part 1 Chapter 15

I have changed the colour of the background to my messages. I am reconstructing my blog. Doing this is like living in a house and renovating it at the same time. I invite your feedback.
This image really makes me smile. I did these drawings in 1994. How could I have created such a drawing with 20 spiders as the decoration for the bedspread? 

The 20 spiders have woven this blanket and both husband and wife are trapped under it. The cat is boxed in. The bell of the tower in this Italian village is close by and its sound is shrill and noisy. It seems the blanket wants to fly away, i.e. the 20 spiders. Clothes are piled on the chair. There are sexual symbols. Maya is not hiding her thoughts about sex. She is not prude, but the “insectual” feeling is just too strong and interferes with whatever she does. Maya has remained a child, see the bear’s head on the pot. Goldilocks and the three bears might be enchanting her, a turn away from reality, a flight into fantasy.



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