Monday 18 January 2016

Part 1,Chapter 13 Adapting to married Life.

January 18. 2016

"A Man drowned in the Congo River."

Adapting to married life

Part 1 Chapter 13

In adapting to her married life, does Maya feel like being swallowed by a crocodile? Will Maya’s husband’s sexual desires destroy her or this marriage? I, like contrasts and that’s why I chose to draw the crocodile in a peaceful setting. I hope she will not fall asleep while sitting so close to the water. I hope she goes on writing her thoughts on paper.
Crocodiles are survivors. They live on land and in the sea, in the conscious and unconscious worlds.  My unconscious seems to be lined with insects of all kinds. These are the archetypes of our fears and it is only through creativity, love, hope, gratitude, friendship and daily occupations that we can avoid these feelings of darkness. I am lucky. I can express all this in images. I can paint. I ventured very deeply into my mind – that is what the book is about. 
In paintings, crocodiles are represented as the monsters of the underworld. During the Middle Ages stuffed crocodiles were chained on the walls of the churches. They represented the devil.

In native American symbology, the crocodile has status and power. It is a creature responsible of creation since it lives on land and in the water. In  the Mayan legends, people born under the sign of the crocodile have access to great power. They are open to new beginnings. Marriage is a new beginning for the heroine of my novel.  How is she going to adjust?


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