Sunday 15 November 2015

Part 1,11 Run Spider Run!

"Run Spider Run."
The Wedding

Part 1 Chapter 11

On Maya’s wedding day spider woman appears at the rim of the broken web: “You destroyed my web! Why did you tell me to run? You want to run away from  the web that your thoughts have woven. You tricked yourself into this marriage and for that you want to kill me! You created your web with the yarn of your unhappiness and loneliness. You made yourself believe that you love this man. So leave me alone. Don’t kill spiders. We are useful and I have many children to feed.”


Spider woman crawls up the branch of the hibiscus tree and continues: “During night I wove a material of exquisite stardust into a veil for you. It is my present for you. Even if it is broken now hang the veil above your bed and it will catch your dreams. This veil should always remind you that you need patience, intelligence and great skills to make your marriage work.  In your new life tradition has no big place. Not everything is useful that your grandmother taught you.  You have to find new solutions.”

With this spider woman turns around, picks up the silver thread and hides underneath the leaves.

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