Wednesday 22 April 2015

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"The Agenda" (page 18)

Chapter 1,3

The Agenda

In therapy Maya becomes a little girl to explore her childhood. "Congratulations Maya, your name is now written in the agenda of this psychiatrist."

The agenda, as I drew it, could also represent a prison. There are no windows. The experience of therapy might be liberating where she could gain some freedom from the inner pressure. The pages are held together by a spiral, which could be the spine or in this case it is a snake. Overlooking and  overshadowing the sessions is her deamon. “He is in control.”  He seems to be a happy fellow with two horns. Somewhere the brain is missing. If I would add today something to this drawing it would be the doctor holding a brain in his hands.

Maya is asking for help. Her skirt has the form of a triangle, with the point showing towards the sky. She is searching for answers. The wisdom contained in  her Inner Self is still asleep. The owl’s message is that she will gain wisdom that is hidden away and she will have to work to access it. And in the end she will be free. 

The empty chair says: “You are replaceable. Once you leave this office, somebody else will sit on it."

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